Make Great Shirts

Here is an article we shared with on how to make sure your custom t shirts look great.


Make Great Shirts

A lot of customers come to us with an idea for shirts but they are unsure how to make their design visually striking and memorable.  I’ll share with you what I tell people every week.

Start with white.  If white seems too drab, try a nice ash.  Many customers people want to start with a dark shirt like cranberry, or Kelly green.  Great shirts can be done on these colors, but if you use them you almost guarantee you will need a white screen.  This not only adds cost to your design it adds some weight to the shirt as well.  And to be totally honest, most people would prefer to wear white or light t-shirts instead of dark colored.  In the summer no one wants to be in the blazing sun in a navy t-shirt.

Think simple, and design with the end in mind.  It seems like such a easy concept, but many people think that by throwing more and more on a shirt it will somehow make it better.  The same concepts that make a great design on paper make a great design on a shirt.  Keep it simple.  Put only what you need to see on the design.  And put only the level of detail that you can easily see from 10 feet away.  Not many people will ever be twelve inches away from your shirt to make out lots of little pieces of detail.  Some of the best shirts we have done are simple designs, with clean lines, few colors, and only screened on the front left chest.

Less is usually more.  We can put your company name, address, phone number, website and facebook pages on a shirt.  But it’s going to be crowded and noisy.  If the artwork is good, and the design is clean, people will look your information up. People don’t want to wear shirts that make them look like walking billboards.

Work with your screen printer.  Screen printers may or may not have great visual designers on their staff, but they do know shirts and apparel – and specifically what will look good when laid out and screened.  If they advise you on the size, colors or layout of your shirt you would be wise to hear them out.

Just remember a screen printer’s best interest, and livelihood, depend on you loving your shirts.  They want you to become a return customer and to refer them to your friends and co-workers.


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