Are you happy?

Are you happy? Just making this shirt made us happy.  If you have a great idea for a DTG shirt you would like to make, give us a call today.  (When you’re done clapping)      

Photo Realistic Printing

Photo Realistic Printing Are you looking for stunning, photo realistic printing on a shirt?  Check out our DTG printing.  With DTG you can create hundreds or thousands of colors on a single shirt.  And whether you print a single shirt or dozens, pricing is … Continued

American Made and Organic T Shirts

The Benefits of American Made and Organic T Shirts If you’re thinking about creating t shirts, please take the time to consider American made and organically sourced options.  In addition to supporting your local economy and paying a fair living wage … Continued

17 Great Halloween Costume T Shirts

17 Great Halloween Costume T Shirts Here are 17 Great Halloween Costume T Shirts.  Give us a call and let us create a custom screen printed or DTG t shirt costume for your little trick or treaters or Halloween party. … Continued

Top 3 80′s Shirts

Top 3 80s Shirts Love the 80′s?  We do too.  Below are our favorite and most memorable 80′s t shirts. All of these custom DTG t shirts were made for our customers. Did we miss one?  Let us know below … Continued

13 Fun Facts About T Shirts

13 Fun Facts About T Shirts   Cotton has been grown for over 6,000 years. T-shirts were adopted for the first time by miners during the late 1800’s as a convenient covering for hot environments The word “t-shirt” first appeared … Continued

Top 13 Mustache Shirts

Top 13 Mustache Shirts Here are our top 13 mustache shirts.  Normally these top lists are debated within the family, but my daughter (our resident mustache afficianado) had free reign on selecting these.  Are you in the market for a … Continued

How To Make A Great DTG Shirt

How To Make A Great DTG Shirt We get a lot of questions about the DTG process and how to make a great DTG shirt.  Let’s start with what DTG is. DTG stand for Direct to Garment, and is a … Continued

Top 5 Superhero Shirts

Top 5 Superhero Shirts The top 5 Superhero shirts as voted by on by everyone at Purple Koi tees.  Anyone can create a shirt with an “S” on it, or a green lantern symbol.  These shirts were picked for their interest … Continued

Ways to Re-use Your T Shirts

39 Ways to Re-use Your T Shirts We know you need to find great ways to re-use your t shirts.  Check out this great article that gives 39 ways to re-use, recycle and re-wear your old t shirts.  While there … Continued