20 Greatest T Shirts from Pop Culture

The 20 Greatest T Shirts from Pop Culture

After extensive debate and research, Purple Koi Tees is proud to unveil the 20 greatest t shirts in the history of pop culture.  Many factors went into this list.  The shirt needed to be original and introduced into pop culture, and singularly owned by the wearer.  Humorous shirts obviously were rated above non-humerous, and bold design and simple layouts won the top prizes.


Rank Shirt Worn   By Source Our View
1 “M” shirt Mario www.gloveandboots.com  20 Greatest T Shirts - Mario Simple, understated green on yellow.  But hipsters just don’t get it.  “They think it stands for meaningful!”
2 Pixelated Bert and Ernie Roy Trenneman The IT Crowd  20 Greatest T Shirts - Roy from the IT Crowd It was nearly impossible to pick just one shirt from Roy’s extensive collection.  “Filthy Panda” definitely earns honorable mention.
3 Pump up the Fruit Spencer Shay iCarly  20 Greatest T Shirts - iCarly There seems to be no discernible reason for this great shirt.
4 Recycle shirt Leonard   Hofstadter The Big Bang Theory  20 Greatest T Shirts - Big Bang Theory Sheldon’s DC comic shirts get a lot of attention, but we opted for Leonard’s green   recycle shirt for our list.
5 One in the oven Carey Mahoney Police Academy  20 Greatest T Shirts - Police Academy A superb, yet tacky, pregnant woman’s shirt.
6 Pancakes Jimmy Chance Raising Hope  20 Greatest T Shirts - Raising Hope Both a band and a delicious breakfast food.
7 Vote for Pedro Napoleon   Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite  20 Greatest T Shirts  - Napoleon Dynamite This shirt made our wildest dreams come true.
8 Metallica and AC/DC concert shirts Beavis and Butthead Beavis and Butthead  20 Greatest T Shirts - Beavis and Butthead Uh, huh huh huh.  Uh, huh huh huh.
9 College John Blutarsky Animal House  20 Greatest T Shirts - Animal House Why specify your educational venue?
10 White v-neck undershirt The Dude The Big Lebowski  20 Greatest T Shirts - The Big Lebowski Pure. Understated.  Elegance. The Dude abides.
11 Arnold is Numero Uno Arnold   Schwarzenegger Pumping Iron  20 Greatest T Shirts - Arnold Nothing puts Lou Ferrigno in his place like a t shirt celebrating your latest victory as Mr. Universe.
12 The dickie Howard   Wolowitz The Big Bang Theory  20 Greatest T Shirts - Big Bang Theory OK, this is technically an accessory, not a t shirt.  But no one has ever rocked a dickie like Howard Wolowitz.
13 I Love Toxic Waste Chris Knight Real Genius  20 Greatest T Shirts - Real Genius A staple shirt appearing on engineering college campuses.
14 Guns Don’t Kill People I Kill People Mr. Larsen Happy Gilmore  20 Greatest T Shirts - Happy Gilmore His Bond days are long past, but Richard Kiel still looks like he could easily kill you with his bare hands.
15 Tuxedo T shirt Stoner Bud Fast Times at Ridgemont High  20 Greatest T Shirts - Fast Times Eric Stoltz gets credit for being the first to don the most comfortable yet formal party attire possible.
16 Speaker City Bernard   Campbell Old School  20 Greatest T Shirts - Old School If you’re going to wear corporate attire, rock the Speaker City red.
17 Choose Life George Michael Wham  20 Greatest T Shirts - Wham This was apparently a political statement about suicide.  But whatever the origin it was a big hit for the androgynous rocker.
18 Cassius Clay Cassius Clay / Mohammed Ali Training  Shirt  20 Greatest T Shirts - Cassius Clay Nothing says champion like branding yourself while training.
19 Don’t Hassel Me I’m Local Bill Murray What About Bob  20 Greatest T Shirts - What About Bob Not my favorite movie, but definitely an unforgettable shirt.
20 Got Christ? Jay Clerks  20 Greatest T Shirts - Clerks Iconic shirt, I only wish he had a “Berserker” band shirt on instead.


Think we missed one? Or maybe you think we got it ALL wrong.  Let us know your favorites that didnt make the list.



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